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ChampOne C1 Expected Price, Release date in India


ChampOne C1 Expected Price, Expected Release date in India
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ChampOne C1 Expected Price, Expected Release date in India – You might have heard the news of Freedom 251 that created a lot of buzz over some time. Following the same footpath comes is another company called the ChampOne which came up with a new of release of amazing Smartphone at the cheapest price with all the best specifications. This Jodhpur based company announced the release of the Smartphone in the year 2016 and expects the delivery of the product soon to be out in the market. The firm claims to offer the best budget handsets for the people without compromising with the quality and functions which any individual would see in their handset.


This incredible phone comes with a great display of around 5 inches and has the best resolution with 1280*720 pixels. It is well integrated with .3GHz hexa-core MediaTek MT6735 processor and is available with 2GB of RAM. This phone is packed with 8 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel front cameras with great clarity and good graphics. The phone runs on 5.1 Android versions and has non removable battery.  HD display, fingerprint scanner, and some incredible specifications, the Smartphone from such company is expected to be available in the market with the stating price of minimum of Rs 2400


ChampOne C1 has 4 G support, Bluteooth, Wi-fi connectivity, dual sim and other regular connectivity options that you would expect in any other Smartphone. Furthermore, the company also said that this Smartphone will be supported by LTE networks in India. It will be available in different colors like Silver, White, and Gold color. Of course after ringing bells, it is ChampOne that makes such astounding promise that would have definitely created a lot of curiosity and interest among the people.


So far the company claims that ChampOne C1 Smartphone will soon be released in the Indian market. However, the customers seem to be quite hesitating to trust on this news due to the previous fraud news that has already created a lot of buzz in the technological world. On asking few customers about their expectation from the phone, they claim that it will be just fake news as with such amazing functions to get a phone at so cheap in today’s time is certainly impossible. However, some people are actually hoping that this phone will create a new history and make the Smartphone’s available in the market at a cheaper price.

ChampOne C1 Expected Price Release date in India

Over some time, ChampOne has created news due to its launch which claims to provide similar promises as that of Freedom 251. The company is one of those new startups that have come up made headlines in Indian market by launching a Smartphone at unbelievable price. There is no doubt that in near future, there will be more such companies claiming to offer the Smartphone at incredible prices but now that ChampOne has come up with this Smartphone people are waiting to see whether it was merely a rumor or this company would make it a point to turn it into a real surprise for the users.

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