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Register Now ChampOne C1 Smartphone Launched – These days, so many amazing news of cheap Smartphone are coming up that it seems in near future Smartphone will be available to every customer easily. Just the way freedom 251 has created a buzz, the other companies like Mango and Namotel have also come up with the same promises. Moving on to another popular brand that is creating its position in the market is ChampOne C1 pe. The phone has been designed by ChampOne Communications which will be available at the welcome price of Rs. 501. But there is a catch that you should not forget and that is the phone is not actually priced at Rs. 501 but will be available at Rs.8000.

ChampOne C1 price

Every Smartphone company that launches such cheap phones claiming to be value for money always has some hidden agenda and so does ChampOne Communications. The company says that it is just a welcome price which will be given to the selective members otherwise, the phone will actually be sold at Rs.8000. although it is still cheap but the customers are definitely disappointed to see what they advertised was not exactly what the company would be providing. It is just a part of their promotion but it seems that the company can still hold its reputation in the market provided they offer the best service to the customers. Register Now ChampOne C1 Smartphone Launched

ChampOne C1 Smartphone Launched

During the press release for the launch of the product, the chairperson of ChampOne Communications finally opened up the terms about the release of this new Smartphone. According to him, the Smartphone will have all the features just like other Smartphone but will be available at Rs. 8000. For first few lucky customers, this phone will be available for Rs. 501 till scheduled date i.e., September 2. Surely this marketing gimmick has turned out to be successful but customers are waiting to try it hoping that it would eventually be another smart product that would be introduced in the market.

ChampOne C1 Online Registration

ChampOne C1 Specifications 

Moving on the specifications of ChampOne C1 there is no doubt that company has taken care of basic requirement of the Smartphone which any customer would expect. This a 5-inch Smartphone has HD IPS display with 2GB of RAM, quad-core processor of 1.3-GHz MediaTek MT6735 and storage is convenient which you can certainly expand. It has 8-megapixel camera and 5 megapixel Front Camera which certainly would give you the best clarity. It has also got some great features like a fingerprint reader, and 2,500 mAh battery which you can utilize at the unbelievable price of just Rs. 501 provided if you turn out to be the lucky customer. (*Register Now*) ChampOne C1 Smartphone Launched

This Smartphone is made in India and is the demand for the phone would increase; the manufacturing process will soon start at a faster pace. So hold your seat and enter the amazing journey of the cheap Smartphone’s that will soon be available in the market with excellent features. You can book for yourself by registering at the link of the website and get it delivered at your doorstep.

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