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Champ1 Clean App Download Free – Buy ChampOne Clean Master App Subscription Meanwhile there raised a huge craze for the “world’s cheapest smartphone”, even the website offering this smartphone crashed because of huge traffic as everyone was willing to buy this smartphone. But the world’s cheapest smartphone, freedom 251, is on the verge of getting competition as a domestic start up known as champone communications is launching another smartphone at rupees 501 which has been named champone c1. The device with a fingerprint scanner and 16 GB of internal memory with 2GB RAM is the new headline of newspapers.But this issue is shrouded in controversy. IsChamone c1 a fake deal? That is the question. There are many who have already completed the registration process by paying rupees 51. Here are several reasons for Chamone C1’s possibilities of being fake.

No credible information

The website launching this smartphone is unprofessional having no information about it’s promoter. This is the first thing that strikes. No business group creates a website without sharing important information like the information about people behind this venture or information about it’s promoters.

Strikingly cheap price

This company is selling the smartphone at less than 3000 which is outrageous and can’t be possible. Even Reliance JIO being the largest corporate house, with a market valuation of few lakh croreswon’t be able to afford it.

• Copied clean master app

The name of the app which you need to buy while buying the smartphone is also copied from the original clean master app. Are they trying to sell their app to everyone? Is it a business strategy? All these issues make us question if it is a fake deal and whether we should stay away from this.

Champ1 Clean App Download

Champ1 Clean App Download

Sale postponed

Millions of people have actually registered by paying rupees 51 and are waiting for champone c1. But they postponed the sale and even it is rumoured that they cancelled the registration of every person without any prior notice.

Nobody has heard the name of this company before. This is a déjà vu moment for those who tried ordering Freedom 251 but could not. But Champone leaves us with serious doubts. They are sounding too good to be true. Not only champone but also Docoss X1 previously tried this cheap smartphone tricks. This company was also based in Rajasthan. They are nothing but Chinese phones and should be avoided. As a consumer you should understand that as long as there are no manufacturing breakthroughs, there can be no cheap smartphones. Let us look into the reasons why these companies are playing this tricks

Huge recognition

There is a huge trick hidden behind. These companies are trying to penetrate into the market and trying to get recognition soon and thus coming out with something outlandish which people will take a note.

Making quick bucks

It is also possible with this trick to make some quick bucks. Though it is fraud but who cares? Although this trick of cheating people has risk within it but these companies are desperate.
So, avoiding any cheap phone is the best advice.

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