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Buy Rs.501 ChampOne C1 4G Mobile Online Booking  – For those who have been hearing about the ringing bells, a new product called Freedom 251 can soon expect another competition in the market for it by the name of C1 Smartphone. It will also be available in the market at a cheap price of Rs.501 which certainly has left the audience in astonishment. The company of the C1 Smartphone has come up with this idea with some hidden agenda behind it. Let us find out what that could be and is it really worth for the audience to buy such phones specially when the Smartphone’s of big brands like iPhone and Samsung are ruling the market.

The launch of C1 Smartphone:

The founder of the ChampOne Company claimed that they will soon be launching the Smartphone by the name of Champone c1 price of Rs. 501. One further talking about the launch, the spokesperson said that this is merely a lunch offer and which can be availed only by the selective customers. Those who would be looking forward to buying this phone from the market shall buy it at Rs. 8000. This eventually proves that the company used this preview offer merely as a part of marketing gimmick which certainly had disappointed many people.

Features of C1 Smartphone that are worth to try:

Although Rs. 501 based was just a new but now that customers are clear about the actual fact there are possible chances for the sales to drop down. However, the company also claimed that at the actual price at which this model is being offered has stored a lot of amazing specifications that a user would definitely love to explore. The phone registration had gone live on 2nd of September after which the booking process will initiate. The top lucky customers will also get the fingerprint sensor app along with 2GB ram feature with Champone C1.

ChampOne C1 Online Registration

Process to buy Champone C1 in a right way:

There is definitely no hard and fast rule to buy this phone but there are few steps that need to be followed properly. First, the user needs to visit the website and then click on the option of ‘Register Now’. After clicking the option, you have to select and put it in the cart by the date of 2nd September. You are then entitled to buy the phone. After this, you need to enter the shipment detail where you want the phone to get delivered and proceed ahead with the payment.

ChampOne C1 4G Mobile Online Booking

So many Smartphone’s options are coming up which certainly would leave you in a confused state. But while purchasing Smartphone like Champone C1, make sure you go through customer reviews, understand whether it is true or a scam and then make your decision of choosing it. The smartphone has become quite advanced these days. With such companies coming up and claiming to offer the cheap handset, it is still a mystery on how the company can manage to offer the phone with all latest technologies at such cheap pricing.

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